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QFHS Members' Data

We hope you find the Members Interest section of our website useful in contacting people who may be researching the same families as you. If you find a research interest, you can contact the QFHS member by clicking in the Contact column. To view other interests for a selected member click in the Contact column and select 'see more entries for this member'.

We use a variety of codes for county/state and country.

Submitting your interest

All interests must be submitted using the Members Interests Application Form. Download the form and complete as per the instructions. Your interests will also appear in the Queensland Family Historian as space allows. Please take time to read and understand the QFHS Privacy Policy.

Please note:

Only QFHS financial members may list on this service. 

If you prefer that your interests were not listed in this way, please email the Members Interests Coordinator. We will delete your data as soon as possible after we receive your request.

If you do not renew your membership, we will delete your data three months after the subscription renewal date.

You should follow these guidelines: 

  • This is an exchange of information; do not expect other people to pass on the results of several years' research immediately.
  • Tell your contact what you already know and what you are trying to find out.
  • Be sure to thank those who send you information and acknowledge them if you subsequently use it.
  • Allow people time to reply; they may be busy with other things and may take some time to assemble the information to send to you.