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Our map collection of about 2000 items. Approximately half of our maps relate to Queensland, with some dating from 1842.

Type of Maps

The collection has the following types of maps:


Shows property boundaries and subdivisions, areas, and landowners


Shows civil parishes, land owners, land boundaries, and land usage


Shows roads, rivers, built-up areas, contours, and height information


Shows specific features such as forests, agriculture, railways, government boundaries


Shows places of interest, including national parks, forest reserves, camping areas, major industries, and historical sites

Road Atlas

Shows regional transportation systems, distances, and communications


We have a collection of digital maps; search the Library Catalogue for relevant CDs.

The Map Collection

The Map Collection has three vertical map cabinets and a horizontal plan cabinet. In addition, you will find  tourist maps, road maps, National Geographic country maps and more in the relevant compactus.

The contents of the cabinets:

Cabinet 1

  • Historic Brisbane maps
  • Brisbane suburbs
  • Queensland Topographic
  • Geological Survey
  • Miscellaneous maps of NSW, WA, TAS, and SA
  • Maps showing Brisbane flood boundaries, stock routes, the 1864 freight systems, goldfields, and artesian bores

Cabinet 2

  • Queensland Parish maps showing towns, properties, land owners, roads, railways, creeks. These 570 Parish maps cover the coastal areas of Queensland and some parts of the Darling Downs, Maranoa, and Mitchell districts.

Cabinet 3

  • Military survey maps of England, Scotland and Wales for the period 1841–1870
  • Miscellaneous Irish maps
  • Topographic maps of various towns in the United Kingdom, dated around 1840

Cabinet 4

  • Topographic maps of Germany, 1930 series with a scale of 1 cm: 1 km

Cabinet 5

  • Queensland Two Mile and Four Mile series
  • Queensland irrigation
  • Commonwealth Electorates
  • Local Government areas


On the top of each map cabinet, you will find a folder detailing the maps in that particular cabinet.

For a more detailed description, see Guide to QFHS Map Collection.


We hold gazetteers of the United Kingdom and Germany. Check the library catalogue for details of gazetteers on CD, microfiche, and microfilm. 

If you have an enquiry about our collection, contact Maps

The Library Assistants on duty at the Family History Research Centre can also provide assistance.