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Chapman and other codes used in QFHS Members Interests

The Country and County codes used in Members Interests come from a variety of sources and time periods.

Counties in Great Britain and Ireland are usually recorded using Chapman Codes.

Country codes and the codes used for States or Provinces in countries other than Great Britain and Ireland vary in usage and have changed over time as regions have been conquered, merged, divided, or simply renamed. See for example the country/state codes used by the Gwent Family History Society and the New Zealand Society of Genealogists.

An international standard exists, ISO 3166, but it is not generally used in the context of genealogy.

The use of these codes is further complicated by language - as in DEU for Germany (Deutschland) - and by non-Latin character sets and numeric country codes. See this discussion on Wikipedia.

To assist you to select or decipher these codes we have combined them into a searchable list together with brief notes about their usage.

Please advise us of any additions, corrections, or suggestions via Members Interests Coordinator.

Enter two or more characters in the search boxes below to see how a code might be represented, or enter part of a Country/County/State/Province/Region/Zone name to see its common abbreviations.