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Family History Writing Group


WritingWhen you are ready to turn all of your research into an entertaining story, or even before, the Family History Writing Group can help you. This is a friendly and accepting group, which includes experienced writers and beginners. We are always keen to welcome new members.

We devise a yearly program of topics and challenges, but you may choose to write your own stories or just sit in until you are ready to write. Stories written for the meetings are often published in the Queensland Family Historian.

The challenge aspect of each month involves an element of the story. You may be asked to focus on the beginning of the story, the end the story or on an aspect of writing style. We will provide resources for the challenge.



The group meets on the third Saturday in January, March, May, July, September, and November between 9.00 am and 11.30 am online, until further notice.

Next Meetings:


Sue Reid 


QFHS Writing Group 2024 Program

Meeting Notes 2024

January - What goes into the front matter of a book?

Meeting Notes 2023

November - Writing the family story: How do I deal with sensitive issues?

September - Writing the family story: How do I involve others?

July - Writing the family story: What media--book, ebook, webpage?

May -Writing the family story: How do I organise my information for a writing project?

March - Writing the family story: How do I start my story?

January - Writing the family story: Where do I begin?

Meeting Notes 2022

November - Metonymy, oxymoron, hyperbole, and litotes 

September - Parallel construction and the rule of three

July - Cliches and tropes

May - Alliteration, assonance, and onomatopoeia

March - Similes and metaphors

January - Rhetoric

Meeting Notes 2021

November - Forward slashes, ellipsis, and brackets

September - Pronouns

July - Commas

May - Hyphens and dashes

March - Semicolons and colons

January - Apostrophes and exclamation marks

Meeting Notes 2020

QFHS Writing Group 2020 Program

November - Modifiers

September - Noun/adjective stacks

July - Nomilisations

May - Adverbs and strong verbs

March - Comma splices and run on sentences

January - Active and passive voice

Meeting Notes 2019

November - Transport

September - Enhancing bare facts

July - Writing the unknown

May - Occupations

March - Show not tell

January - Writing the visual


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Feedback and Critque

QFHS Writing Group: providing feedback