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Collection of Searchable Books

The books in this collection are those considered of interest to people researching or writing about their families. The copyright holder for each has given QFHS with the permission to make their work available on the QFHS website. This collection will be expanded as appropriate documents come to hand.

QFHS online Bookshelf     

Etheridge Chronology (Somers, 2004). This document presents a listing of people, places, and events of relevance to the Etheridge Goldfields, centred on Georgetown, Queensland, for the years 1872-1950.

Milbong Pioneer Cemetery (Bell, 2020). A short history of the township of Milbong in the Fassifern Valley, Queensland, precedes biographical information about a number of pioneers of the Milbong District buried in the cemetery.

The Bindon Family (login required) (Compiled by Chris Wright, Version 2 February 2021) This book starts with all the known descendants of George Bindon and his wife Katharine. George and Katharine currently as far back as we have researched. [Produced by Family Historian 7]

The Solway Family (Noon, Bell, Solway & Beitzel, 2013). The lead authors present detailed information of the descendants of William Solway and Mary Anne Dight Wilment, who settled in what became known as Mutdapilly in the Fassifern Valley, Queensland.

Peel Island - Peter Ludlow (1.5mb pdf). Peter Ludlow details life on Peel Island and how it became a home for Moreton Bay's outcasts. A major concern of any Government is to protect the health of its citizens. Of most concern, perhaps, is an outbreak of a contagious disease amongst its general populace. This publication includes the names of medical staff and some inmates who died on the island.

Ships in quarantine at Peel Island 1873-1896. This publication contains names of those who died onboard ships during this very dark period in our history. Thanks to Peter for permission to include on our website. More historical information on Moreton Bay Islands can be found on Peter's website here.

The Hausknecht Family (19mb pdf) by Pauline Heiniger. This publication is presented in two parts. Part 1 contains information on the family in Germany, on the way to a new life, and their early years in Queensland. Part 2 details families in Australia. Part 3 contains information on the descendants of William Frederick Charles Hausknecht. If you have a Hausknecht connection, this book is a must for you to read.

Three Trunks and a Cardboard Case (5mb pdf) (login required) is a compelling ‘creative non-fiction’ story about the struggles of an immigrant family in the cane fields of far North Queensland in the 1950s, told from a daughter’s perspective. This warmly told story welcomes the reader into the author’s family, to share the challenges her parents experienced in emigrating from Sicily, establishing a new home and farm in untamed country, and of her, and her brother’s, journey through childhood as they familiarised themselves with the physical and cultural aspects of life in Australia. Overall, the author has written a book that emphatically captures the scenes described, and consequently solidly embeds the story in facts related to family, locality, society and politics of the era.

Men of Queensland 1929 (20mb pdf) caricatures and biographies "Representative Of The Public, Professional, Ecclesiastical And Business Life Of Queensland As Existant In The Year 1928  A.D."

The Restelss Danish Immigrants (7.1mb pdf) by Anthony Buirchell. A journey of the Johnson family who made their way from Denmark via the USA to Australia.  Ambrose Johnson was a mining surveyor. The family spent time in Victoria and New South Wales and eventually settled in the Daintree Region in Far North Queensland as dairy farmers.