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About Queensland Cemetery Collection


The Queensland Family History Society is pleased to present this online edition of our Queensland Cemetery Collection index. This database has been prepared by our volunteers between 1998 and 2020, extracting information from the large collection of Queensland cemeteries and funeral directors’ records held by the Queensland Family History Society. The Society has been collecting these transcripts and publications since 1979.

It will eventually replace the extensive card index for Queensland cemeteries held at the society premises and now makes these records available for members unable to visit the society’s resource centre. Currently the database holds more than 900,000 records from cemeteries across Queensland, indexing burial registers, monumental inscriptions, funeral directors’ records, newspaper articles and a range of other sources.

The index includes the name, dates of birth and ‘death’, age, remarks, cemetery and source of information (with a link through to the QFHS catalogue). The original transcript or publication should be examined if possible since it may contain further information such as maps and photographs. Dates in the transcript sometimes conflict – for example, people are buried before they die. They have been indexed as they appear in the transcript or publication. Some people will appear in the index multiple times, occasionally even more than once in the same source.

Note: the date of ‘death’ may also be the date of burial, cremation or transfer of ashes to a columbarium depending on the records being indexed. Where both a date of death and a date of burial or cremation are given then the date of death is listed in the main field and the other date in the Remarks field.

The T.T. Cornes Funeral Directors’ Records differ from those of the other funeral directors as they have been taken from the account cards and not the funeral application sheets. The records include the following information:

  • The name of the deceased
  • The name of the applicant who arranged the funeral
  • The names of persons sending flowers
  • The name of various organisations, e.g. YMCA, who arranged for flowers to be sent to a member’s funeral

The following abbreviations have been used for age:

  • y: years
  • m: months
  • w: weeks
  • d: days
  • h: hours
  • min: minutes
  • s: stillborn
    Note: some publications appear to use an age of “0” to indicate a stillbirth.