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Extended Research

All research is undertaken by a small team of volunteers ― experienced members who volunteer their time, drawing on their knowledge of family history, research processes, relevant resources, and our collections to assist with research enquiries.

We can undertake research using the records available at the QFHS Family History Research Centre. We regret we are not able to undertake research at external libraries and archives.


You will receive a report of research undertaken, including its findings and details of sources used both successfully and unsuccessfully. Where appropriate, further avenues of research may be suggested.

Turn-around time

Enquiries are answered in the order received. You can expect to be contacted within one week either with a quote or to discuss further details. Once you accept a quote, completion of the research usually takes 3-4 weeks.

However, the team is small and absences sometimes cause delay.

Fees and payment


Hourly fee







There is a minimum charge of one hour, clients will be advised in advance should estimated costs exceed this minimum.

Send no money with your enquiry, you will be advised of any fees payable. Payment for research must be made in advance.


Privacy restrictions prevent us from researching living people such as birth parents or lost living relatives.

Request a quote for research

Begin by clearly setting out your research request in writing.

Set out exactly what you require. The more information you can supply the better the chance of a positive result. Provide as much detail as you can about the person/people you wish us to research, their relationships, and what you want us to find out for you.

The more succinct and well-ordered your enquiry, the sooner we will be able to help you.

Tell us what you have already tried so we do not spend time repeating work you have already done. If possible, tell us about any sources you have already consulted.

Copies of certificates and documents should be attached where possible.

A brief pedigree chart showing the family being researched will always help.

Make sure you include your full name, your member number if you have joined QFHS, and your email and postal contact details.

Download our extended research request form and fill in as much of it as is relevant to your research question. Feel free to provide additional pages. Print or save your file.

Send your request and any associated documents to the QFHS Research Team at (email) Research Team or (post) PO Box 78 Geebung 4034.

This request does not commit you to use the QFHS Extended Research service.

We will acknowledge your request and advise you of the estimated cost before proceeding any further. Details of how to pay will be included in our response.