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Queensland Brands Index 1872-1900 and Directory 1949-1952

Published May 2007 ISBN 978-1-921171-09-3

This CD provides three indexes covering approximately 60,000 horse and cattle brands and 17,000 sheep brands listed in the Queensland Government Gazette for 1872-1899 and 1877-1900 respectively, and approximately 79,000 entries for horses and cattle in the Queensland Brands Directory 1949-1952.

The indexes can be directly searched on name, year and other details with QFHSdatasearch, which also provides direct links to the images of the Queensland Government Gazette lists for the horse, cattle and sheep brands, which is viewable using Acrobat Reader.

The material on this CD is a valuable resource for researching Queensland farming families. Where possible the two indexes to 1800s information cover not only the owner, but also show and describe the brands in the search results, which the linked images of the Gazette shows an image of the symbol used by each for branding. For horses and cattle the index entries show whether a new registration or transfer, while for sheep the indexed lists are of all current registrations.

Brands were registered under the relevant acts, and images of these are also included on the CD. The directory index includes name, address and page reference to the main section of the Queensland Brands Directory 1949-1952, with some additional owner information.

QFHSdatasearch, developed by the Queensland Family History Society, is a generic interface designed to search genealogy databases. This version features field oriented and keyword searches, Boolean selection, sorting and wildcard searches.

System Requirements: PC with Windows operating system (Win95 or later), CD drive and 20 Mb of free disk space to install QFHSdatasearch.

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