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Queensland Police Gazette Index 1864-1874

Published February 2006 ISBN 1 921171 04 9

This CD provides an index to the approx 31,200 names names and aliases mentioned in the Queensland Police Gazette from its commencement in 1864 through to 1874. For each person mentioned in the Gazette it lists the name (and aliases), title (or rank), topic (including where possible - the age, nationality, description of offence, occupation, supposed destination), and the reference to enable location of the entry in the gazette (page, date and volume number). The index allows direct searching on name, year and the other details with QFHSdatasearch.

A special feature of the CD is the inclusion of the topic, with many entries describing in detail offences, offenders and victims. These provide a fascinating insight into various parts of society and the day-to-day police activities at the time, and will appeal to a wide range of people as well as being an invaluable source of information for family historians.

For example information on offences covers murder and attempted murder, highway robbery, theft, incendiarism, wife and child desertion, absconding from hired service, rape and abduction. For these the Gazette records names of the victim and suspected offender, addresses, place and circumstance of the offence, age of offender, nationality, appearance, dress and other marks of identity, and a description (as accurate as possible) of property that has been stolen, horses etc. Topics also include lost property, lists of licences, police miscellaneous information, missing friends, government judicial appointments, death returns for inquests and extracts from Police Gazettes in other colonies.

QFHSdatasearch, developed by the Queensland Family History Society, is a generic interface designed to search genealogy databases. This version features field oriented and keyword searches, Boolean selection, sorting and wildcard searches.

System Requirements: PC with Windows operating system (Win95 or later), CD drive and 20 Mb of free disk space to install QFHSdatasearch.

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