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Ravenswood Cemetery Headstones

Published February 2006 ISBN 1 921171 02 2 

This CD provides photographs of 145 headstones in the Ravenswood Cemetery in November 2003. It includes an index to the 196 names mentioned in the monumental inscriptions. The index can be searched on name and year with QFHSdatasearch, with search results linked to the corresponding photographs for display via a button on the result panel.

Ravenswood, located about 120 kilometres south-west of Townsville, was founded in 1868 following the discovery of gold and was an extremely prosperous gold mining centre with a population of up to 5000. The Hotels and Publicans Index published by QFHS shows more than 50 hotels in Ravenswood in the 1870s. Today, it is almost a ghost-town though it still has many reminders of the past - mullock heaps, tall chimneys, discarded machinery and the cemetery.

Headstones remaining in the cemetery in 2003 record details of former residence from 1872 to recent time, with 2001 the date of the most recent burial recorded on the monumental inscriptions. Though there are many burials unmarked by a headstone these photographs provide a valuable insight into the lives of those there.

QFHSdatasearch, developed by the Queensland Family History Society, is a generic interface designed to search genealogy databases. This version features field oriented and keyword searches, Boolean selection, sorting and wildcard searches.

System Requirements: PC with Windows operating system (Win95 or later), CD drive and 20 Mb of free disk space to install QFHSdatasearch.

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