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Queensland School Pupils Index (QSPI)

QFHS has a long-running project to index the names of pupils in Queensland Schools. This is the Queensland School Pupils Index (QSPI). The index is contained on six CDs available from our online shop. The schools range in size from large city ones with admissions in the thousands to small country one-teacher schools with small enrolments. Some schools have long ceased to exist while others are still functioning.

The QSPI CDs contain the names of more than 2,400,000 pupils from over 1200 schools, with records dating back to 1860.

The names are drawn from diverse sources: school admission registers, school histories covering jubilee celebrations, golden anniversaries, centenaries or other significant anniversaries in the life of a school. Names may also be drawn from local histories which do not focus on the schools but include a pupil list as part of their story. Many sources provide additional information on the family including age at admission, birth date, parents’ names and occupations, religion, and address.
A full list of the schools on the CDs is found on the pages below. The number to the right of the name of the school indicates the QSPI CD on which it is found.

QSPI Schools A-C    QSPI Schools  D-F   QSPI School G-I  QSPI Schools J-L    QSPI Schools M-S    QSPI Schools T-Z