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Open data – Queensland Railways Appointments and Removals

This Queensland railways dataset has been produced by the State Library of Queensland and they hold the copyright of this dataset. However, the State Library of Queensland have chosen to release the data under a Creative Commons By-Attribution 4.0 licence, which permits others to reuse the data provided attribution is given to the State Library of Queensland. QFHS thanks the State Library of Queensland for making this dataset available for our re-use.

Explanatory Information

These open data files contain indexes listing appointments and removals of railway employees in Queensland between 1890 and 1915.

About this index

In the period 1890 to 1915, the appointments and removals of Queensland railway employees were listed annually in the Queensland Legislative Assembly Votes & Proceedings. This index collects the names of those employees together with information about locations and job roles.

The original copies of Queensland Legislative Assembly Votes & Proceedings used to create these indexes can be located on microfilm at MFL 328.943 on Level 3 of the State Library of Queensland at South Bank Brisbane. The Queensland Parliamentary Papers for records from 1902 onward are also available on microfilm at MFL 328.9431.

About these data files

This index was prepared by volunteers transcribing records from the original documents into a database. The data has been extracted from the database and edited for clarity and consistency. Edits included:

  • Correcting spelling errors
  • Removing variations in spelling, capitalisation and hyphenation for repeated information such as branch names or job roles

Queensland Railways – Appointments of Employees and Queensland Railways - Removals of Employees

These two datasets each have the following fields:

  • Date The date of appointment or date of removal are in the format of dd mmm yyyy, for example ‘10 Oct 1889’
  • Name This text field shows the surname followed by the first name, initials or abbreviated name of the employee. For example, ‘Jenner, Hy. Wm.’, ‘Lymburner, Norman’, ‘Unsworth, W.R.’, ‘Ackerman, M. Mrs’
  • Branch This text field shows the name of the branch, department or office employing the person. It may include the location. For example, ‘Signal and Light Branch’, ‘Townsville Railway, Maintenance Branch’, ‘Southern and Western Railway, Locomotive Department’
  • Position This text field shows the position the person was employed in. For example, ‘Wagon-builder’, ‘Stenotypist’, ‘Labourer’
  • Remuneration This field shows the amount the person was paid. The length of time varies from per day to per annum. The amount is in pounds, shillings and/or pence. For example, ‘7 shillings 6 pence per day’, ‘25 shillings per week’, ‘150 pounds per annum; allowance 50 pounds’
  • Remarks This field shows the reason for the appointment or removal or other comments. For example, ‘Formation of a flying gang’, ‘Opening to Cunnamulla’, ‘Resigned’
  • Source This field shows that the source of the record is ‘Queensland Legislative Assembly Votes and Proceedings’ for records before 1902 or ‘Queensland Parliamentary Papers’ for records between 1902 and 1915.
  • Year This field shows the year the record was published, for example ‘1892’
  • Volume This field shows the volume where the original record is published
  • Page This field shows the page number of the original record, for example ‘11’

Please send any questions or feedback about any of the datasets released publicly by State Library to opendata@slq.qld.gov.au.