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Queensland Customs House Shipping 1852-1885: Passengers and Crew

Published 2014 ISBN 978-1-921171-32-1

This publication contains a searchable index of over 107,800 passengers and crew from 485 ship voyages for the period 1852-1885, sourced from Customs House (Brisbane) records held at the National Archives of Australia, Brisbane (Shipping Inwards Series J715). The lists typically mention both passengers and crew.

The index includes ships departing from Batavia, Boston, Dundee, Glasgow, Greenock, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Liverpool, London, New York, Newcastle on Tyne, Plymouth, Queenstown, Singapore, San Francisco, Sydney, the South Sea Islands and Southampton.

Over 90 of the lists are for voyages not found in the Queensland State Archives Assisted immigration 1848-1912 online index – a selection of large migrant ships not available there but included on this CD includes:

  • 1859 – Shackamaxon
  • 1862 – Chatsworth, City of Brisbane, Erin go Bragh, Maryborough, Ocean Chief, Whirlwind
  • 1863 – Everton, Golden City, Queen of the Colonies, Sunda, Wanata, Young Australia
  • 1864 – Castle Eden, Legion of Honor, Queen of the Colonies, Young Australia
  • 1865 – Sunda
  • 1866 – Flying Cloud, Golden City, Southern Ocean
  • 1869 – Flying Cloud, Light Brigade
  • 1870 – Planet, Storm King

A valuable resource for those looking for families from Europe and for merchant mariners from all parts of the world.

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