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Queensland School Pupils Index Volume 6

Published 2003 ISBN 1 876613 48 3

Almost everyone has gone to school and many have been enrolled at more than one school but finding the enrolment records can be a very time consuming task. Q-SPI endeavours to make the task of searching for Queensland pupils easier by bringing together in one index names from many sources. Dates range from 1872 to 1966 (a 30 year closure on names exists). Schools range in size from large city, with admissions in the thousands to country one-teacher schools with an enrolment of just hundreds. Some schools have long ceased to exist — others are still functioning.

Sources from which the names are drawn are as diverse as the actual schools — admission registers, school histories covering a significant anniversary, local histories that do not specifically focus on the school but include a pupils' list as part of their story. Many sources provide additional family information including age at admission, parents’ names, occupation, religion and address — all very useful to the family historian and genealogist.

Volume 1 - c46,000 names from 65 schools. Volume 2 - c40,000 names/38 schools. Volume 3 - c47,000 names/22 schools. Volume 4 - c41,500 names/13 schools. Volume 5 - c55,000/36 schools. Volume 6 - c59,500 names/31 schools. Volume 7 - c64,700 names/35 schools. Volume 8 - c65,000 names/40 schools. Volume 9 - c65,000 names/42 schools. Volume 10 - c65,000 names/63 schools.

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