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Queensland School Pupils Index Part 1

Published 2003 ISBN 1 876613 42 4

This publication consolidates into a single index Volume 1 to 5 of the Queensland Family History Society continuing QSPI project (previously published on microfiche), indexing admission and other school records in Queensland.

It indexes approximately 230,000 names drawn from 175 Queensland primary schools. Dates range from 1864 to 1997, with a 30 year closure observed, as recommended by Education Queensland, when the Society extracted pupil names directly from Admission Registers. Schools range from large city ones with admissions in the thousands to country one-teacher school with a total enrolment of hundreds. Some schools have long ceased to exist; others are still functioning.

Sources from which the names are drawn are diverse - actual school admission registers, school histories covering a significant anniversary (Jubilee, Golden, Centenary) in the life of a school, and local histories which don't focus on the school, but include pupil list as part of their story.

Many sources provide additional information on the family including age at admission, birth date, parent's name and occupation, religion, address - all very useful to a genealogist and family historian. School records are a source that we cannot afford to overlook!

The CD includes QFHSdatasearch, developed by the Queensland Family History Society, - a generic interface designed to search genealogy databases. This version features field oriented and keyword searches, Boolean selection, sorting and wildcard searches.

System Requirements: PC with Windows operating system (Win95 or later), CD drive and 20 Mb of free disk space to install QFHSdatasearch.

Schools included are:

Advancetown SS, Alloway SS, Apple Tree Creek SS, Ashgrove SS, Ashwell SS, Athol SS, Aubigny SS, Banana SS, Bariveloe SS, Beauaraba SS, Belgian Gardens SS, Benarkin SS, Biddeston SS, Biloela PS & SS, Blenheim SS, Bluff SS, Bowenville SS, Brighton SS, Brightview SS, Brookfield SS, Builyan SS, Bulimba SS, Buranda SS, Burton SS, Calliope SS, Calvale (Upper Callide) PS, Carbrook SS, Cardwell SS, Ceratodus (Provisional and State) SS, Clermont SS, Cooloothin Creek PS, Coominya SS, Coopers Plains SS, Coorparoo SS (first day), Coorparoo SS, Cootharaba Lake SS, Crosshill SS, Dalveen SS, Dawes SS, Doctors Creek SS, Don Delta SS, Douglas SS, Dundee Camp PS, Dundee PS, Earlsfield SS, Eidsvold SS, Elimbah SS, Elmo SS, Enoggera SS, Eulo SS, Euri Creek SS, Flagstone Creek SS, Flying Fish Point SS, Forest Hill SS, Forest Hill PS, Gilston SS, Gladstone SS, Glen Cairn SS, Glen Loch SS, Golden Gate SS, Gooburrum SS, Goodna SS, Goovigen SS, Greenbank SS, Gregor's Creek PS, Grosvenor Flat SS, Hambledon SS, Harami SS, Harami PS, Harrisville SS, Hemmant SS, Hillgrove SS, Hillview SS, Hunchy SS, Ilfracombe SS, Innisfail SS, Jambin SS, Jimbour SS, Jooro SS, Kaimkillenbun SS, Kariboe Creek PS, Kilcoy SS, Kilkivan SS, Killarney SS, Kin Kin SS, Kin Kin Junction SS, Kingsthorpe SS, Laidley North SS, Lake Pleasant SS, Landers Shoot SS, Laravale SS, Lawgi/Mardale SS, Linthorpe SS, Logan Reserve SS, Lowood SS, Maclean SS, Many Peaks SS, Maroon SS, Mary River Road SS, Maryvale SS, Merinda SS, Milora SS, Minden SS, Miriam Vale SS, Monal PS, Montville PS, Montville SS, Moonford SS, Moran Group SS, Mt Berryman SS, Mt Janet SS, Mt Scoria SS, Mt Tyson SS, Mt. Alford SS, Mt. Sylvia SS, Mt. Whitestone SS, Mundoo SS, Muttaburra SS, Natural Bridge SS, New Beith SS, North Maclean PS, One-Mile (Gympie) SS, Orange Grove SS, Palmwoods SS, Perwillowen Creek PS & SS, Pinkenba SS, Pirrinuan SS, Plainland SS, Plainview SS, Polmaily SS, Radford SS, Raedon (Callide Bridge/Melton/Raewurt) SS, Rannes SS, Razorback PS, Ridgewood SS, Roadvale SS, Rockside SS, Rockside PS, Ropeley SS, Ropeley East SS, Rosevale SS, Roseville SS, Rossvale SS, Sheep Station Creek School SS, Stanley River School SS, Stanthorpe Road PS, Tabooba PS, Tallegalla SS, Tangkam SS, Targinnie SS, Taringa SS, Templin SS, Terror’s Creek PS, Thangool SS, Thornlands SS, Thornton SS, Townson SS, Townsville North SS, Turner’s Creek SS, Upper Don SS, Victoria Park SS, Villeneuve SS, Villeneuve PS, Wahpunga SS, West Vale PS, Windorah SS, Winya SS, Woolein SS, Woolmar SS, Wowan SS, Wowan PS, Yangan SS, Yarparaba SS, Yednia PS

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