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How to Order Microfilms

  • You can order FamilySearch microfilms at the QFHS Library and Resource Centre or you can order them online, directly from FamilySearch.
  • QFHS charges a one-off viewing fee of $1.05 for items read at our Library and Resource Centre whichever method you select for ordering.
  • You can hire microfilm or microfiche for 60 days at $7.75 per item.
  • You can hire microfilms on indefinite loan for $19.50 per film.
  • You may request a 60-day extension on microfilms at a cost of $7.75. Make your request a week before the return date on the film identification slip.
  • Microfiche remain at the QFHS Library and Resource Centre on indefinite loan.

To order at the QFHS Library and Resource Centre

  • Ask the Library Assistant for a film order form and complete all the details. We will process the order for you.
  • You will be notified when the film arrives.
  • The cost is $8.80 ($7.75 plus $1.05 viewing fee) for 60 days or $20.55 ($19.50 plus $1.05 viewing fee) for an indefinite loan.

To order directly from the FamilySearch Microfilm Ordering Service

  • Click here Online Film Ordering and set up a personal account if you do not have one already.
  • Before you use your account, nominate QFHS as your Default Family History Centre.
  • Order your film by following the prompts.
  • Online help is available at Online Film Ordering Help.
  • You can access your account online to check the status of your orders.
  • We will notify you when your film arrives; there will be a viewing fee slip with your film at the Library and Resource Centre.


How do I find a film to order?

Use the FamilySearch Online Catalogue
Search by place (city, town, parish, county, etc) to see what is available. Items offered may include parish registers, Bishops’ Transcripts, census records, poor law records.
If you are ordering online, note the number of the microfilm or microfiche.
If you are ordering at QFHS, note the number of the microfilm or microfiche and additional details, or print the record and bring it with you.

When I order films online, why do I need to nominate QFHS as a Default Family History Centre?

QFHS is an affiliated society of the FamilySearch Microfilm Service. Nominating QFHS as your Default Family History Centre ensures your films will be sent to the QFHS Library and Resource Centre.

Can I make photocopies of films?

FamilySearch does not allow some films to be copied. You will find this notice on the film box or on the film itself.

When I receive notice that a microfilm has arrived, what do I do?

Ask the Library Assistant on duty to get the film for you. If you are unfamiliar with the readers, ask the Library Assistants for help. We can copy images for you. You may use a flash drive on the digital reader only.

I am not a member of QFHS. Can I still hire films to view at the Library and Resource Centre?

We charge non-members a research fee if a film is read at our library; see Visiting QFHS. This fee is waived if you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and can show proof of membership.


For further information, contact QFHS Microfilm Hire.