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Acknowledgements - Queensland Cemetery Collection

The compilation of this index would not have been possible without the assistance of the following people in photocopying, indexing, and proofreading.

Albert Abel

Helen Anderson

Marguerite Andrews

Lyndon Armstrong

Maureen Arthur

Lyn Barber

Raelene Beazley

John Beeston

Christine Blacka

Bev Bonning

Lyn Brace

Jill Bromfield

Kerrie Brown

Laurie Bulley

Jenny Burton

Maureen Burton

Jackie Buttress

Ron Buttress

Cherrie Cameron

Kaye Cameron

Maree Carlin

Marnie Charlton

Carmel Cole

Laurie Conlan

Wendy Couper

Terri Crawford

Jacqueline Croker

Val Currie

Tom Darmody

Julie Dern

Terry Eakin

Marianne Eastgate

Lynette Evans

Grahame Flor

Heather Ford

Wendy Gatehouse

Keith Gay

Mary Geiger

Diann Gibbs

Noela Gibson

Elaine Gillam

Jewel Gist

Dette Glenday

Loris Gray

Joe Greaves

Charlie Grech

Raelene Griffiths

Bryan Hacker

Jenny Hacker

Cathleen Hartley

Margaret Hassall

Richard Hassall

Pauline Heiniger

Terry Hillcoat

Lyn Hooper

Christine Howison

Michelle Howison

Shirley Hulett

Lenore Hutson

Dorothy Jeffrey

Kay Johansen-Clarke

Kathy Jones

Maurice Jones

Joan Kane

Cheryl Kann

Faith Kemp

Cedric Kirchner

Cheryl Kirchner

Erin Kirkpatrick

Jenny Klein

Eric Kopittke

Rosemary Kopittke

Marilyn Lacey

Pat Laverty

Carol Lay

Anne Long

Pauline Lovatt

Vicki Manning

John Martin

Pam Masel

Ellen McDonald

June McDonnell

Janette McPherson

Geoff Michie

Gloria Moloney

Bev Moore

Judith Moran

Allan Newland

Joan Newland

Dee O’Shea

Desley Parker

Robyn Parker

Chris Paterson

Elaine Phillips

Fred Phillips

Myra Phipps

Beth Pickard

Marie Potts

Cecile Power

Don Power

Judy Ransley

Erica Rasche

Carmel Raven

Helen Rawlinson

Kay Rees

Barbara Reeves

Doreen Rice

Sue Richards

Di Rinaldi

Pamela Ritter

Pauline Roberts

George Roy

Desley Schafer

Suzanne Sellwood

Margaret Shand

Cynthia Shields

Ann Simon

Denise Spratt

Joyce Stenhouse-Brown

Eric Stevens

Marie Stewart

Lesley Stratford

Carol Torney

Peter Vander Berg

Lea Vardy

Ralph Waters

Jeanette White-Dagg

Alma Willis

Paul Wood

Marge Woolley

Roy Woolley

Sandra Yould

Tony Yould

Margaret Young

Roy Young

Rosslyn Zylstra

Thank you also to John Perryn who developed the software.