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31 Links in a Chain

National Family History Month is held in Australia every August.

2017 Nfhm

This event is an initiative of Australian Federation of Family History Organisations AFFHO. As part of National Family History Month, Queensland Family History Society is hosting an Open Day on Saturday, 12 August 2017. 

Our Online event is 31 Links in a Chain. 31 days, 31 stories, 31 links in a chain.  Members of the Society have contributed a story based on our 'Links in a Chain' theme.  They are stories of lives cut short too young, of perserverance, of loss, and the joy of reuniting with lost family.

These stories acknowledge the input of QFHS via the expertise of experienced researchers, the collections, the resources of the Society, and the events and seminars held by the Society.  

1  My Australian born Larrikin by Bev Young Any time my sister or I would ask our father to tell us family stories he would say "Don't go there, you might find something you won't like"

2  Mystery Boy by Moira Graham I knew very little about my Dad's early life

3  Frances of Greenfield by Anne Mackay In Ireland a house is built for a wedding present by Frances' father. Who was this man who built his daughter a house?

4  A Missing Grand-daughter and a Lost Cousin by Patricia McClafferty A missing Granddaughter and a lost cousin. The last time my Grandmother or I saw my cousin Betty she was 6 and I was 4.

5  Finding Cousin John by Rod Bullock Tragically lost on his first bomber mission. So much grief to those who loved him.

6  Our Affinity with Horses by Pam Garfoot Horse teams for milling and brewing, a horse drawn cabbie, the Queensland mounted infantry and the Light horse. A great story that gallops along

7  A Missing Link found after 37 Years of Searching by Mike Vincent A grandson searches for his Grandfather. Name changes, divorce and interstate moves. A relentless pursuit.

8  Some people have black sheep in their family - I have black smiths by Jenny Davidson Three generations of blacksmiths in the family

9  Bradburn Family - a Missing Link Found by Joan Moss A family heirloom brooch connects family from the UK to Australia. Success with a DNA match and a chance meeting at the Orchid Society

10  Captain Thomas Lipson by Merv Ballans My father used to tell me stories about our ancestor, an old sea Captain who spent 40 years in the British navy and had seen men "keel hauled".

11  Balls and Chains by Geoff Morgan Balls and Chains; another convict connection

12  Discovering the Greens by Gayle Thomsett A brother and sister travelling to Australia on their own? Maybe not.

13  Who was James Mills' First Wife? by Sue Reid After an extended search for a first wife, I arrived at two possible candidates. How would I ever identify his first wife and be sure I had the correct person Use of analysis and logic

14  Jumping Ship to a New Life by Pat Burgess Jumping ship from an Austrian warship and then he changed his German/Austrian name to a French name

15  Never Give Up by Bev Bonning Success in research doesn't come easily, and when the evidence is found, I find it all the sweeter.

16  Uncovering Grandad's Secret by Erica Dunham A change of name and running away to join the army

17  A Chance Comment by Ludij Peden By the merest chance I found him. A link to the amazing people and wonderful stories which were to follow.

18  Another Link in the Family Chain by Jackie Buttress Who is Margaret and how does she fit into this family?

19  The Homecoming by Helen Underwood A story of claiming and proving indigenous identity

20  New Links found and In the Genes? by Elaine Eager and Dawn Montgomery New links found. Does longevity run in the family?

21  Shepherd by Sarah Barry Shepherding was an isolated and dangerous life

22  Finding my paternal Great Grandfather Wallace by Ross Hansen Finding my great grandfather Wallace

23  Just a little bit Batty by Susie der Kinderen Filling in the life between the birth and death

24  The Family Photograph by Charlotte Sale At this time photography was relatively rare, and this must have been a special occasion to warrant such a thing. Why was the photograph taken?

25  An Ancestor Born in India by Lyn Hooper Most genealogists have a person in their family tree that captures their imagination. Unfortunately, they are also the ones that cause the most problems in finding out about them.

26  Going West by Melva Welch A story about the railway into the heart of regional Queensland. Connecting towns and people.

27  An Unusual Ancestor by Helen-Mary Blake Eccentricity has been know to run in the English upper class and my Uncle Gerry was no exception

28  Nathan Wilson, Esq by Sue Reid The convict who became a Sydney jeweller

29  Wealth for Toil by Alexandra Daw She didn't have any children. "Oh yes she did," was the reply.

30  A Distant Land by Gayle Thomsett In the 16th century village of East Farleigh Kent lived the Fitch family. Exciting and dangerous times.

31  George Hodges - Railway Man by Robert Thistlethwaite George Hodges, my great great grandfather, was said in my mother's family to have been a railway man