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Planning your Visit 2020

This page will help you plan your visit to the Library and Resource Centre by answering some common questions.

Can I bring my bag into the Library and Resource Centre?

You may only bring clear plastic bags with pencil and note book into the Library and Resource Centre. We ask that you do not bring in folders, plastic binders, personal computer cases etc.

Where can I put items I am unable to take into the Library and Resource Centre?

We provide free lockers for safe storage of your bags and other material while researching.

What if I am a new member and have no membership card?

Before your membership card arrives, present your receipt to the Library Assistants on duty and sign-in manually.

Can I bring in my reference work?

You can take your working notes into the Library and Resource Centre. Please ensure you label your notebooks with your name. The Library Assistant on duty may ask you to leave large folders in a locker.

Do I need to be a QFHS member?

If you are not a member and wish to use the Library and Resource Centre, you may do so for a small fee. 


Click here for information for Associate Group Members and Reciprocal Arrangements.

Is there a phone available?

There is no public phone at the Library and Resource Centre. However, if you wish to make an urgent call, please ask at the reception desk for assistance.

Can I use my mobile phone?

Please switch off your mobile phone or switch it to silent mode. If you wish to use your phone, please use it outside the Library and Resource Centre building.

Is there a lunch room available?

We have a lunchroom where tea, coffee, and biscuits are available on an honour system. You can use the microwave oven and refrigerator. Our lunchroom is a very friendly area and much helpful discussion takes place on family history research.
Please note: no shops are within walking distance of the Library and Resource Centre

What should I do when I arrive at the Library and Resource Centre?

QFHS members should swipe their membership cards at the front desk. Please ask for assistance from the Library Assistant (LA) on duty, if necessary.

We request you wear your membership card in a cardholder while in the Library and Resource Centre. Cardholders and lanyards are available from the LA.

Visitors should ask the LA on duty for assistance to check in. Visitors are requested to wear a visitors badge.

We request that all bags, books, folders, and computer cases are stored in the lockers provided.

Can I use a pen?

You may only use pencils within the Library and Resource Centre. If you do not have one with you, pencils are available from the front desk. To protect our records, we do not permit the use of pens. This is standard practice in archives and libraries worldwide.

Is someone available to help me?

Two or more voluntary Library Assistants will be on duty each day that the Library and Resource Centre is open. They can provide assistance and advice within their own personal experience and expertise.

What do I do when I am ready to leave the Library and Resource Centre?

Submit your research notes for inspection and pay for any printing.

Retreive anything you placed in a locker. 

QFHS Members: Swipe your membership card to sign out. 

Visitors: Sign out and return your visitors badge.


Computers, Wi-Fi, Microfiche and Microfilm Readers

Do you have computers available?

The Society has nine networked computers for members and visitors to use.

Can I use a personal computer or tablet?

Yes, but please leave the computer case in your locker.

Can I use WiFi within the Library and Resource Centre?

Yes, you can access the Internet and some of our subscription databases. Instruction for connecting and the security number are available within the Library and Resource Centre.

Can I book to use a computer?

Prior booking is not an option. However, you will find a booking sheet on a table just inside the door of the computer room. When the Library and Resource Centre is busy and members are waiting to use the computers, we ask you to book for one hour only.

Is there a digital microfilm or microfiche reader available?

Our ViewScan microfiche and microfilm readers allows you to print images or save them to your USB flash drive. A two hour limit is requested by way of a booking sheet for each machine.  
We also have other (non-digital) microfilm and microfiche readers.

Can I use a removable storage device?

We do not permit the use of removable storage devices (for example, USB flash drives and portable hard drives) on our computers, with the exception of the digital microform reader.

Can I save an image from a website or CD?

You can email information to your home computer if you have web-based email service. Subject to copyright regulations, you are welcome to use a digital camera, mobile device or a handheld scanner within the Library and Resource Centre.

Do I need to book to use microfiche and microfilm?

Our microfiche and microfilms are available on a self-serve basis. We have a number of microfiche and microfilm readers. We also have two digital microform readers. You will need to book these machines for a maximum two hour period.

What is the procedure if I want to view fiche?

Find the fiche you wish to view. Place the numbered card corresponding with your microfiche reader into the fiche position in the drawer. Then you will be able to return the fiche to its correct location.

Can I print or photocopy documents?

We have printers and photocopiers available for your use. Please observe copyright regulations.
Pay for any copying when you sign out.


If you have any further questions, please contact the Secretary.