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Reopening plans and how you can return

This information is for members, guests, and visitors while attending the QFHS Library and Resource Centre.

This procedure will reduce the risk of anyone in the building contracting COVID-19. It will be updated as Government requirements change.

Before attending

Please do not visit QFHS if you are unwell or you are in self-isolation.

Plan to do your research at home or on-line if possible.

Book your time to attend QFHS by emailing visit@qfhs.org.au advising the day of your visit, your name, member number and if you need to reserve a computer or microfilm / microfiche reader during your visit. You will receive a reply to your booking email.

For now, numbers are limited in the building, and there are only two microfilm/fiche readers and ten computers available.

Plan your research before you come, to maximise your time at QFHS. Use our catalogue vLibrary to identify any printed material you wish to access, at /resources/catalogue-search/

Bring your own pencil, writing material and any refreshment you need including cup and implements.

We prefer credit card transactions at this time. No change is available for cash payments.

There are no cushions available, so bring your own if you need one.

On arrival

  • The gate and doors will be open to avoid unnecessary contact.
  • Use your membership card to register your attendance. It is important to do this, in additon to filling in the Contact Register sheet.
  • Library Assistants will give you a Contact Register sheet.
  • Fill in the sheet with your details, including the time you arrive.
  • Keep the sheet with you while in the library. When you leave, fill in your departure time and drop it in the box at the front desk.
  • Face masks and gloves will be available at reception.
  • Wipe your locker door, keypad, and shelf if used.
  • Library Assistants will guide you to available computers/library facilities.

While at QFHS 

  • Stay 1.5 metres away from other people—think two big steps.
  • Stay at or below the maximum number of people in each room.
  • Wash your hands lots with soap and water, or hand sanitizer.
  • Consider using the face masks and gloves provided.
  • Sneeze or cough into your arm or a tissue. Then put the tissue in the bin.
  • Disinfect anything you touch with provided wipes before and after use.

Computer and microform reader use

  • Library Assistants will allocate computers if necessary.
  • Advise Library Assistants if you have any problems with a computer.
  • Wipe keyboards, mouse, and surrounding surfaces before and after use.
  • Wipe any microform readers before and after use.
  • If you have used the computer room printer, wipe any surfaces on it that you touch.
  • Library Assistants will make any photocopies you require.

Kitchen area

  • Please minimise use of the tearoom and take care to maintain 1.5 metre social distance.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after use as per the directions.
  • No crockery, cutlery, and food is provided.
  • If used, wipe all surfaces, taps, benches, fridge handle, tables, and chairs after use.


  • Wipe door handles inside and outside of doors.
  • Wipe toilet seat, lid, and back rest including flushing mechanism.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly as per the directions.

Print and lending library

  • Access to the Print Library, Cemetery Room, and Lending Library is closed until further relaxations are in place.
  • Use the library catalogue, vLibrary, to get details of items you may require.
  • If an item is required, ask a library Assistant who will retrieve it for you.
  • Return all materials to the return bin near reception.

Leaving the library

  • Write the time you leave on your Contact Register sheet and drop it in the box at the front desk.
  • Use your Member card to register that you are leaving. Non-members please advise the Library Assistant
  • Please advise the Library Assistant at reception which computer/facilities you have used.
  • Please dispose of all masks, gloves, and wipes in the bin beside reception.
  • Avoid touching surfaces, doors, gates as you leave.

Download a copy of this information.