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2017 Pre-Separation Group Awards

At the Members' Meeting, 18 October 2017,

the Pre-Separation Group Convenors,
Jenny Davidson and Ann Swain, presented certificates to acknowledge

the new Queensland Pre-Separation Group members 

Muller Lisa
Lou Muller is descended from
William Hendren and Annie (Jenkins)
who arrived on the City of Melbourne
on 23 January 1854.

Lisa Lorenzen is descended from
John Titmarsh and Eunice Lenton (Simpson)
who arrived with their son, Isaiah Titmarsh,
on the Argyle on 28 July 1852, and also
William Adams and Allison (Dixon)
who arrived with their daughter, Janet Adams,
on the John Fielden on 15 June 1853.

329 Ruth 1  Lean
Ruth Linde is descended from
John Feehan and Julia (Guilfoyle)
who arrived with their daughter, 
Maria Feehan, on the Argyle
on 19 July 1852.
 Graeme Lean is descended from
Benjamin Lean and Prudence (Hosken)
who arrived with their son, 
Emil Lean, on the Florentia,
29 April 1853. 
 Keong  Jeffery2

Phillip Keong is descended from
George Arthur Keong who arrived on
the Darling Downs pre-1854 from China,
and Julia Bridget Houlihan who married
George Arthur Keong in Sydney
on 7 February 1856. Their first child was
born in 1857 in Queensland.

 Dorothy Jeffrey is descended from

William Craig and Isobel (Falla) who
arrived in Sydney with their son,
James Craig, on the Portland,
on 3 December 1837,
then travelled overland arriving at
Rosenthal Station, near Warwick,
on 4 December 1847, and
Elizabeth Rowland, who arrived in
Sydney on the Briton on 26 June 1844
and married James Craig in Warwick
on 1 December 1854, and also from
Francis Simmich who arrived on
the Johann Caesar on 8 February 1856. 


These members were not able to attend
on the night.

Rhonda Stuart is descended from
George Downes who arrived in Sydney
on 14 August 1840 on the Lady Clarke,
then travelled to Queensland and married
Mary Ann Hay on 27 August 1844
in Brisbane, and their son Edward Downes,
born on 31 January 1848 at Gowrie, Qld,
and William Dale and Mary (Shelton)
who arrived with their daughter, Ellen Dale,
on the John Davies on 10 May 1855,
and Thomas Bateman and Sophia (Meachen)
who arrived on the James Fernie
on 24 January 1856. 

 Wendy Couper is descended from
Thomas Waller and his wife Mary (Copeland)
who arrived with their infant son, 
Philip John Waller, on the General Hewitt
on 16 December 1854.
This certificate acknowledges Philip
John Waller who was not included on his
parents’ certificate presented in 2008.

John Shoring is descended from
John Nason who arrived on the 
Mt Stuart Elphinstone
on 1 November 1849, and
Phoebe Susannah Grubb who arrived
in Sydney on the Herald in 1856, and
who married on 8 June 1858 in Drayton,
Darling Downs.



Annette Kapitzke is descended from
John Harwood and Alice (Marsden)
who arrived in Maryborough,
with their son, Jonathan Harwood,
on the Artemisia on 13 December 1848.